There are a large variety of new computer tools for the construction project management industry. Most of these tools are standard practices that have been developed in the past but are now transferred to web-based applications. This web-based application approach has significantly improved project team communication and collaboration. Because of the acceleration of communication and collaboration, projects are being done quicker and with a higher degree of satisfaction. The EB Galaxy team utilizes any number of these program applications and we are not advocating any specific software

Very few solutions will perform all of the functions needed for project management. Be wary of those “total enterprise” systems that claim that they can do it all. Most of them have built their business in one area such as MPS and Prolog Manager, which is the market leader. They then try to bundle other total enterprise products such as scheduling. Their Prolog Manager is good, but their scheduling is marginal. Same with Primavera. P3 is the best program for scheduling but their other solutions like Expedition do not work that well. This is why companies still use a variety of software solutions. The best practice in selecting software is to identify the needs of the project, and then find the solutions that best fit those needs. The EB Galaxy team is prepared to assist our clients make informed decisions based on what your expectations are and how you intend to interact with the project team, and at what level.

Here is an overview of systems and applications:

Document control Graph

EB Galaxy Project Management Systems

A number of proprietary software companies have specialized in providing both software-based and ASP-based products with extensive features for complete project control. Once a project is conceived, the EB Galaxy’s systems Collaboration features are used to manage and record all the planning and design communications. Once the design is complete, the Purchasing Management features divide the design into logical groups (i.e., electrical, structural steel, concrete, etc.), distribute bid packages, and retrieve and analyze bid responses. The Scheduling features enable distributed project teams to efficiently develop and collaborate on their project tasks, resources and costs from any location in the world. The Cost Control features manage all financial aspects of the project, including budgets, contracts, and purchase orders.

Additionally, all project-related documents are managed, tracked, and archived for easy distribution and retrieval using the Document Management features. Information from remote locations (i.e., daily reports, safety checklists, punch lists, etc.) is collected and easily managed using the Field Administration features.

cpm-gannt schedule and budget management

We can use the software to manage your projects from a corporate and collaborative perspective. The Project Pack is an integrated suite of project management solutions. With the Project Pack, you can manage project collaboration workflow using Prolog WebSite; perform robust project management with Prolog Manager; analyze global company information through Prolog Executive; manage resources and schedules with Prolog Scheduler; and enter field information in hand held personal computers using Prolog Pocket. The Project Pack allows you to manage both documents and data, creating one central database for all project information. With the Project Pack, you can procure materials and services, manage project budgets, and contracts, track project control data and documents, track schedules and resources, collaborate with your project team through the Internet and analyze corporate information from multiple projects and locations.

Meridian Project Systems’ GigaPlan Enterprise redefines traditional project management by enabling complete task and resource management in a collaborative, web-based system that you run off your own servers. With GigaPlan Enterprise, all your project teams can create, update, and share their schedules online using a browser and an Internet connection. As an enterprise solution, GigaPlan enables distributed project teams to efficiently develop, manage, and collaborate on their project tasks resources and costs from any location in the world. GigaPlan integrates with Microsoft® Project, Primavera Project Planner® (P3®) and SureTrak Project Manager® to extend existing desktop scheduling to the Internet.

Project Controls Development and Coordination
Our team plans to utilize a cutting edge information management system that will greatly facilitate communications across the entire project delivery team. This system is web-based and therefore accessible by all team members, regardless of location, without the need of expensive, proprietary software. Furthermore, it integrates the elements of the project’s control system: cost, schedule, and quality. Construction progress photos and inspection reports.

Interactive Management Information System (IMIS)
The Galaxy Team will utilize an interactive project management system that is fully accessible on the Internet, via a browser. The primary features of the system are described below:
· Live, on-line collaboration between the project manager, client, consultant A/E’s, and contractors if necessary
· Secure access with permissions established for each user in accordance with their role
· Entries into the system can not be altered allowing 100% data integrity
· Every document for the project is entered into the system creating a management and audit trail
· On- and off-line notification and tracking for all actions required
· Individual project management as well as portfolio management of all projects rolled-up
· Printed status reports and a searchable final project CD for each project, to accommodate staff reference and record keeping

Each project web site includes the following subdivisions:
· Executive summary page
· Individual project status page
· Budgets compared to current cost estimates, utilizing Prolog software
· Project schedules, utilizing Primavera or Microsoft Project
· RFP and shop drawing processing and status logs
· Meeting minutes, memos and announcements
· Design drawings in CAD format for review and red-lining
· Construction progress photos or live video at project sites
· Inspection reports with photos embedded

Budget Log
This is the budget log for an individual project on the extranet. The registered user can choose this item from the previous page and view the project budget, track budgets, budget adjustments, and the impact of contracts, potential changes, change orders, and applications for payments. The user can also customize or redline this detailed information.

budget-status graph

Cost Reports
The report manager provides an easy to read graphic reporting system. Managers can stay on top of their projects via cross project reporting, on the fly queries and customizable report files.

workflow-diagram budget graph

Home Page
This is the registered users homepage on the extranet. Here the individual has logged-in using their assigned username and password. They are presented with the project list. The user can select a project from the list or chose the executive summary to see an overall report on all the projects.