Mr. Bauer’s knowledge of all aspects of the construction field coupled with his extensive military services and experience allows him to excel in the modern construction business environment. His pride in building long term business relationships and the finished product of his companies work is exemplified in his daily approach to the business. His commitment and professionalism ensure success of future projects and forge strong business ties. His formal business training, and his unique background and values have allowed him to distinguish himself as a successful construction professional.

Construction Experience
As Founder, Owner and Operations Manager Mr. Bauer has supervised all operations of large scale construction projects and the requisite personal and project controls to ensure his companies successful completion of the work undertaken for EB Galaxy clients since 2007.
He has successfully accomplished the construction of numerous structures and site development projects from inception to completion. This included moving projects from initial client sketches through the design phase, managing design and presentations to municipalities and other various approval agencies at both State and Federal government levels.

Estimated large scale construction projects and computed take-off and input data for bids and proposals on both large and complicated projects to smaller jobs. He is highly proficient in the use of Microsoft Project Software to schedule and organize construction projects. These tools ensure construction projects adhere to strict timelines. The companies project controls management reports and schedules are updated weekly and distributed to owners and architects/engineers on a monthly basis.

His extensive finance and accounting experience allows him to precisely formulate job cost and profit data weekly for active jobs. These weekly reports allow the company to maximize resources and realize maximum potential. Eric also takes the lead in preparation of company financial reports for the accountants and bonding company.
He also oversees the supervised daily operations on various construction projects, usually working in utility capacity, by transferring from one task to another where demands require workers with varied experience and ability to conduct an efficient construction crew. He frequently exceeds customer expectations and project milestones on projects for which the company is involved with through improving project coordination and managing the production and processes. He routinely completes and monitors cash flow, project managers reports, estimates and pay applications to ensure all subcontractors, vendors and suppliers are paid in a timely manner. Monthly or as required CPM schedules and cost loaded schedules are distributed to the clients in clear, concise and timely fashion.

OSHA Safety Course graduate,  familiar with hazardous materials handling restrictions and hazardous materials publications. Employee and crew safety is a primary concern on and off the job sight.

Work History
EB Galaxy Corporation May 07 – Present
Edbauer Construction Inc.
DBA Eric E Bauer Property Maintenance Jul 05- Sept 06
Ecological Restoration and Management: Nov 04- Jul 05
Supervisor, United States Air Force: Oct. 2000 – Oct. 2004
Supply Clerk, United States Air Force Aug. 2003 – Oct. 2004
Construction Worker, Hoezle Construction June 1995-1997, 1999 – Sept. 2000
Construction Worker A&L Inc. Feb 1998- June 2000

Military Related Experience
Service Disabled United States Air Force Veteran with 7 medals, 2 with decorations, and 12 ribbons. Participated in four major military campaigns in hostile environments. He planned and directed the loading and offloading operations of 10,500 passengers and 8,520,000 lbs of cargo on a 185 million dollar C-5 Galaxy cargo aircraft, in support of operations such as Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, Noble Eagle, and Operations Northern and Southern Watch.
Concurrently maintained night vision/special operations qualification. Performed aerial duties while operating in several combat theatres including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Prepared, sorted, manifested and loaded cargo including, palletized materials, human remains, rolling stock, vehicles, and helicopters and presidential support equipment onto aircrafts using various materials and handling equipment. Directed preparation of load plans for departing flights and coordinated with other agencies to ensure the proper loading of equipment and personnel.

Operated a vast number of aircraft systems such as: hydraulic, environmental, electrical systems and computers used to compute aircraft data and flight information. Maintained an in depth knowledge of safety and emergency procedures, ensuring the safety of the crew, passengers, and cargo.

Responsible for all aspects of passenger movement including manifesting and issuing boarding passes. Maintained qualification to complete all flight attendant duties, compliance with immigration/ customs requirements, and armed anti-hijacking responsibilities.

MBA from Canisius College in corporate finance. graduate with honors
Canisius College MBA Program: MBA Finance 2009-Present
Canisius College : Business Finance Undergraduate 2005 – 2009 (Magna Cun-Laude)
Erie Community College: Associates in Business Administration GPA (3.8)
Wesley College (Dover, Delaware), Economic Studies.
Community College of the Air Force: Aircraft Logistics Operations (job related Technical Schools).

Special Skills
Training: Formal Education Bachelors of Business Finance, USAF Basic Training, Enlisted Undergraduate Course, Aerospace Physiology, Basic Loadmaster Course, Combat Water Survival, Combat Survival, 9mm Pistol Training, M16 Assault Rifle Training, Aircraft Anti-hijacking, Antiterrorism, Supply Clerk, Fitness evaluation Monitor, Aircrew Life support Equipment Training, Night Vision Goggle Operations, Flight line Driving Test, Crew Resource Management Class, Operational Risk Management, Computer Security, Safety and Aircrew Operations.

Board Positions
People Inc. Historic/Museum Board of Directors
Board Member November 2010-November 2014
Erie County Disability Advisory Board
Board Member December 2010-December 2012